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Ezio’s Family - Jesper Kyd - Assassin’s Creed II OST

This cue is completely beautiful. The delicate mix of piano, vocals, guitar and strings sound fantastic. Such a small amount of seemingly ordinary instruments making this amazing sound.

There is something completely emotional about it. The higher the vocals reach, the more it gives that reflective, melancholy mood and when the distorted guitar enters, it just hits you. 

Although Ezio is a complete badass it makes you think about what he went through. His family were killed right in front of his eyes and he couldn’t do anything. People forget about that and this just gently reminds us. 

  • Track: Ezio's Family
  • Artist: Jesper Kyd
  • Album: Assassin's Creed 2
  • Plays: 682
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    Assassins Creed II is definitely my most favorite of the games. I actually cried while playing as Ezio when his older...
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    This is my favourite track in the game
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    This song is Assassin’s Creed II. I think I might replay all the games now.
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    Best song on the soundtrack
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    This is breathtaking. And now I’ve got to buy the soundtrack.
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